Crystal Relic 003 is the third sculpture in the Crystal Relic series. Based on the first camera Arsham used in his early photography practice, this to-scale crystal replica of the visual device is made of cast resin allowing light to pass through. Each edition is 114.3mm × 139.7mm × 177mm and weighs 4.65kg. Crystal Relic 003 comes in studio designed housing with die-cut foam, sealing label, and a pair of white art handling gloves.

  1. No. 36
    Edition 500
    Dimensions 114.3 × 139.7 × 177 mm
    Authentication Holographic Seal
    Excavated 35°39’38”N, 139°43’45”E
    Materials C3H7NO2, Al2O3
    Weight 4.65 kg
    Year 2021
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40.7128° N, 74.0060° W