CRYSTALIZED SQUIRTLE is Arsham’s third in the Crystalized Pokémon series. Based on one of the original starter Pokémon characters, Squirtle, known for its reptilian features, that resemble a light-blue turtle.This edition is made of white cast resin and is cast from a hand sculpted Squirtle made in Arsham Studio. Each edition is 30 cm in height and weighs 6.9 kg. CRYSTALIZED SQUIRTLE comes in Arsham studio designed housing with die-cut foam, sealing label, and a pair of custom art handling gloves. This is an edition of 500 pieces, and each CRYSTALIZED SQUIRTLE includes a holographic label verifying its edition number and authenticity.
  1. No. 47
    Dimensions 300 × 190.5 × 215.9mm
    Authentication Holographic Seal
    Color White
    Excavated 35 39’38”N, 139 43’ 45” E
    Materials C20H30O2
    Weight 6.9 kg
    Year 2022
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40.7128° N, 74.0060° W